Our Mission is

To foster, promote, encourage, train, instruct, teach, coach, offer dance lessons and educate the members and non-members in ballroom dancing.

DBDC Board Members
Position Name Phone
President Walter Sullivan (757) 773-5949
Vice President Connie Rives (937) 848-4947
Treasurer Barb Morrisey (937) 254-6888
Secretary Mae Freeman (937) 829-2429
Trustees Monica Wells
Paul Miller
Akil Sharif
(937) 361-6566
(937) 278-3019
(937) 974-0539
Marketing Chair Mary DiNofa (937) 405-9799
Programming Chair Joyce Eldridge (937) 516-8508
Membership Chair Rick Youngblood (937) 912-5791
Nominating Chair Will Sorenson (937) 674-99484
Other Volunteer Postions
Position Name Addition Info
First Impression    
Disc Jockey Connie Rives  
Facebook Mgr Camille Craighead  
Historian Bobbie Slicer  
Webmaster David Slicer webmaster@daytonballroom.org
Class Representatives
Position Name Addition Info
Basic Class Connie Rives  
Bronze I Paul Miller  
Bronze II
Chuck Fenstermaker
Mary Ebert
Margaret Hilt
Sally Mettler

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