FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions
Do I need to bring a partner?

It is best if you bring a partner, but instructors do try to help those that come with no partner find someone to dance with.
No consistent partner can be promised, though, because it's impossible to know who will show up. However there is a small charge to place an ad in the club
newsletter each month if students would like to advertise for one.
When does the next beginner class start and how do we sign up?

The good news is that the Beginners classes can be started at anytime. The classes rotate thru a 8 week schedule, so if you miss a class
you can catch it next time. There is no membership fee for Beginners and no contracts! Once you have taken the Beginners series (I took it twice!)
you can move up to the Bronze I class. After you have graduated to Bronze I you can become a member and get a discount on lessons.
Is there a dress code?

There are no specific regulations regarding how students should dress, but reason suggests that you should dress in comfortable clothing which does not impede your movement.
What kind of shoes should I wear?

The floor at Arbor Hall is a wood floor that is one of the best dance floors in the tri-state area. You can wear either good dance shoes with suede bottoms,
your favorite pair of old practice shoes, jazz shoes or comfortable, but sturdy heels. Do NOT wear gym shoes, rubber soled shoes, or shoes that have non-skid soles
and your shoes should not easily fall off of your feet while dancing, as loose shoes or shoes that grip the floor may cause you to fall and injure yourself.
Are kids allowed?

Generally speaking, NO. The classes are not set up for teaching children, especially young ones. Older teens may attend so long as a parent or guardian is present
at all times to monitor and control their behavior.
If I am a member of one club am I a member of the others?

Generally speaking, NO. Each club is it's own organization and have come together for the enjoyment of dancing.
You can be a member of all, one, or none of the clubs and still attend them all it is your choice, they are there for your enjoyment
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