Our Mission is

To foster, promote, encourage, train, instruct, teach, coach, offer dance lessons and educate the members and non-members in ballroom dancing.

Class Information and Schedules
The club provides dance instruction for the four different levels: Basic, Bronze I, Bronze II, and Silver.
All classes are taught at the same time in different rooms or areas.

Classes begin at 7:30 and end at 9:00 every Monday, with a 15 minute break at 8:15.
Then from 9:15 until 10:30 we enjoy a Social Dance so that students may practice what they have learned.
If you did not attend lessons, you must still pay $8.00/person to attend the dance party

Below you will find more information concerning the different levels of instruction and a calendar with details of what is scheduled for instruction in each group
Level Description Instructor Cost
Beginners The Basic Beginners Class was developed for those who have never had any kind of ballroom dance instruction. This class rotates through an eight week cycle introducing and instructing in the basic steps and timing of a new dance each week based on the schedule below. Students may also return to this class if they feel the need to brush up on their basic steps and timing. Instructor: Terry Cavanaugh
Class Rep: Connie Rives
$8.00/person/class or $56.00/person/8 Week Package
Bronze I After completing the eight week Basic class, student move into the Bronze I class. This class reaffirms the basic steps learned in the prior basic class and increases your repertoire of steps for each dance. Instruction consists of 1 or 2 dances per month with new steps and improvement in timing and technique. After about a year, students take a test in the different dances before proceding on to the next level. Instructor: Doug Shafner
Class Rep: Paul Miller
$12.00/person for Members or $14.00/person for non-members.
Bronze II / Silver After passing the test to move out of Bronze I, the students at this level will add several additional steps to their repertoire and focus more on dancing technique. Students will focus on improving their ability to lead and follow while staying in time with the music. It generally takes between 1 and 2 years for students to progress out of this class at which time the students must once again pass a test in order to move to the next level. Instructor: Larry May
Class Rep: Sally Mettler and Chuck Fenstermaker
Silver / Gold Reserved for the truly obsessed dancers this final level of instruction...the Silver/Gold...is for the most Advanced students where they focus on learning the most complex, challenging steps. They will also work on improving their technique and timing. Instructor: Jill Christy
Class Rep: Margaret Hilt
Add On Class An add-on class is held from 6:30 to 7:15 PM each Monday to instruct those participating in Bronze I and above in a variety of other dances, such as Bolero, Nightclub 2step, Samba, Viennese Waltz, Quickstep, Country 2step, and West Coast Swing. Instructor: Jill Christy $5.00/person/Lesson

On the calendar below you may click on the link for Monday Night Classes to see what is being taught that night

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